About CCCMD’s Youth Ministry

The CCCMD Youth Group is divided into Seekers (7th to 9th grade) and Warriors (10th to 12th grade). We meet as an entire youth group on Friday nights where we have a time of contemporary worship, a lesson and then fellowship. We sometimes invite guest speakers and sometimes the young people themselves will prepare lessons or testimonies to share. The first Friday of each month is dedicated to fellowship and celebrating birthdays. On Sunday mornings, the Seekers and Warriors each have their own Sunday School and Youth Worship. We also have youth group activities outside of church so the young people can know each other better in a casual setting.

If you ask any Seeker or Warrior what hey are trained to do, they will say, “Seek and serve…but I must seek first!” As soon as the children graduate and enter the youth group, we train them to seek God on their own. We only have a limited number of years with them and our goal is to prepare them for college and beyond, when we are no longer there every week to make sure they are walking with God. As a Seeker, they learn how to have quiet time with God every day, study their Bible, memorize Scripture, worship with their hearts and mouths, pray for each other, and take sermon notes. These are just methods to help them learn how to know, enjoy and desire God on their own. After they have learned to seek God, we help them discover and develop their spiritual gifts and then allow them the opportunity to start serving.

Once our young people become Warriors, hey are ready to battle for God’s Kingdom. They grow in understanding of the Lord’s will for their own personal lives, as well as ways they can reach out to the world around them. The young people’s favorite place to serve is Pilgrim Camp. They have built strong fellowship bonds there while on staff, learning to serve joyfully as unto the Lord and not unto man.

Now, with guidance from youth leaders, the Warriors are actively leading in various ways. They play instruments in services, lead small groups, lead worship, bring and serve snacks, coordinate activities, interpret on the platform, teach Sunday School, etc. Our young people have been so blessed; they have the ability and the desire to give. As we give them more responsibility and allow them to serve, they are growing immensely in their own spiritual lives. The Seekers look up to them, impatiently waiting for their turn!

To God be the glory…our young people have grown in wisdom and in stature and in the grace and knowledge of Christ. As we allow them to give, they are becoming channels of blessing. We are excited and confident of the future of CCCMD because we know the church is in good hands…God’s and theirs.